She Read A Document Out Loud To This Mother. What She Said Made Mom Weep.


It’s unfortunate that in most case, a couple’s children are caught in the middle after an adulterous affair is revealed. When another man or woman steps into the picture, it can cause serious tension and instead of keeping the children out of it, instead they’re used as bargaining chips. ..


A Dog And Bear Seemed To Be Playing, But Things Got Real When The Bear Saw Humans


If you asked most people how they’d feel about letting their dog run around with a wild bear, they’d probably give you the side-eye of the century. But for these guys in Finland, watching one of their dogs romp around with a giant predator is a recipe for a great time. And while it appears ..


He Knew He Wasn’t Supposed To Bring This Box On The Bus But He Did It To Save A Life


If you use public transit a lot, you know that pets aren’t often welcome on buses. In order to protect other passengers who may be fearful or have allergies, it’s just one of those rules we tend to follow. But people in Sao Paulo, Brazil, were on their way home after work one day when […]


She Thought Shaving Her Head Was The Only Option But A Stylist Did Something So Kind


For those who’ve never dealt with depression, it can be hard to understand just how debilitating it is even when it comes to the simplest of tasks. Just getting out of bed in the morning can feel like a monumentally difficult and impossible thing to do when severe depression sucks all the energy ..


She Was About To Get Treatment For Her Cancer. She Refused For An Inspiring Reason.


Back in April, 37-year-old Carrie DeKlyen, a mother of five from Michigan, was diagnosed with glioblastoma, a malignant and aggressive tumor that affects the brain or spine. She was given five more years at the most to live, but Carrie was determined to fight. She wanted to be there as long as possible ..


This Woman Was Just Murdered By A Neo-Nazi. One Cop’s Response Is Infuriating.


Last weekend, anti-racism demonstrators stood together to protest against a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. White nationalists, neo-Nazis, and members of the Ku Klux Klan had gathered to protest the city’s plan to tear down Confederate monuments, including a statue of Confederate ..


8 Things You Should Probably Buy For Your Fallout Shelter Right This Second


Most people who create fallout shelters are mocked as doomsday preppers. Now, there’s probably a low chance that you’ll experience a nuclear strike anywhere near your town in your lifetime, but for some reason news organizations are letting us all know how we can stay safe. If something crazy ..


Ever Wonder Why You Don’t See Great Whites In Aquariums? These Are The Reasons Why


Aquariums can be really powerful forces for good in the world of conservation. They, along with animal water parks like SeaWorld, also showcase aquatic animals the viewing public wouldn’t normally get to see. Public perception around keeping large animals like orcas in relatively small tanks for entertainment ..


Fed-Up Woman Wanted Her Rooster Gone, So She Made This Hilarious Post Online


I have seen quite a few interesting classified ads online in my day. If you really want to sell something, sometimes the best way to do that is to make your listing stand out. If you’re lucky, your crazy post can even reach an audience you couldn’t have imagined. What happens if the thing ..


He Went To Brush Sand Off His Legs And Noticed Hundreds Of Holes. Then He Saw Blood.


They say that everything in Australia is trying to kill you. From the poisonous plants to the giant spiders to the surprisingly violent kangaroos, there’s plenty out there in the bush that does not have your best interests at heart. If instead you decide to spend most of your Aussie vacation out on the water, ..

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