Yes, The U.S. National Tick Collection Is A Thing That Exists. You’re Welcome, World


Growing up in the woods, my siblings and I knew that we always had to check for ticks before going back inside. Having the bloodsucker attached to your body is terrifying enough, but there’s also the huge risk of contracting the diseases that ticks carry around with them. I’ve seen quite ..


What They Did To A Mom Looking For Her Kid After A School Shooting Is Unconscionable


On September 13, 15-year-old Caleb Sharpe brought two guns to Freeman High School in Rockford, Washington, where he shot and killed one student and wounded three others. Frantic parents rushed to the school, terrified that their children were among the victims. Some even parked up to a mile away and ran there. ..


She Was Going To Dinner With The Family. Then She Turned The Corner And Saw This.


One of the best things about having devices in our pockets all the time is the ability to capture special moments. There’s a whole genre of videos now that features service members returning home from their deployments and surprising their friends, family members, and even pets. I’ve got to tell ..


If You Have A Dog, You’ll Fall In Love With This Amazing Artist’s Comics


When we welcome a dog into our lives, we’re ready for the cuddles and the mishaps. Or at least we think we are. There are so many hilarious moments with every pup that we’re not able to capture. That’s why Gemma Gené began illustrating her life with her pug Mochi, and the results ..


These Kids Had Nowhere To Turn When Irma Hit. One Couple Did Something Amazing


Hurricane Irma devastated parts of Florida. One of the things people may not think about is how the damage and displacement affected foster children. Foster kids are loved and cared for, but for many their homes are already temporary. To then face the fear of losing that safe place is a terrible thing ..


A Spacecraft Was Just Sent Crashing Into Saturn…And Scientists Did It On Purpose


Retirement is meant to serve as a relaxing period of time in your later life where you can just enjoy life and not have to worry about working the usual 9 to 5. However, while most retirements begin by going on vacation or purchasing an exotic sports car, for the NASA spacecraft known as Cassini, […]


‘She Was Cold As Ice.’ Man Describes Heartbreaking Condition Of Two Abandoned Dogs


Dog fighting is a serious problem in the United States. In 2007, it was estimated that more than 250,000 dogs were involved in dog fighting rings where they were forced to hurt each other for humans’ entertainment and monetary gain. What’s more, people being involved in dog fighting has been ..


All These Pigs Ever Knew Was Confinement And Abuse, But Check Them Out Now!


It’s hard to imagine what it’s like to have never been outside or experienced the sun on your face. Even if you’re the biggest couch potato, you’ve got to leave the house to go places like the grocery store or the post office. But what if you had never been outside in your entire ..


Her Dying Wish Was To See Her Horse One More Time. Watch The Moment It Happened.


For so many of us, our pets are some of the most important parts of our lives. We spend so much time with them, and they enrich our lives in ways we couldn’t have anticipated. So often when people die, they are surrounded by the friends and family who love them. What can be missing […]


We’ve Met This Mom Before, And She Just Brought Someone Incredible Into The World


There are some stories we cover that just stick with us. One of those is the story of Carrie DeKlyen, who found out earlier this year that she had a deadly form of brain cancer. With five kids at home, this was a devastating diagnosis, but it became even more difficult when Carrie and her […]

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