They Lost Everything To A Wildfire, But They Found Something Special In The Ashes


You may have heard on the news about the devastating wildfires in California. The entire town of Santa Rosa has been affected, with many houses completely burned to the ground. The families affected have lost everything they own, but even in the midst of tragedy some hope can still be found. Sam Brinkerhoff ..


Something Totally Non-Medical Is Keeping This Dad From Saving His Son’s Life


Most parents would do anything for their kids. In some serious, life-threatening situations, parents will even go under the knife, donating organs in order to keep their kids alive. One father desperately wants to help his son, a two-year-old whose condition is worsening. But hospitals aren’t letting ..


We All Get Angry In Waiting Rooms, But How One Doc Retaliated Against Her Is Crazy


When it comes to waiting room drama, it’s usually the people waiting who have the problem. Doctor’s offices and other places with appointments often get backed up, and the people sitting around hoping to get in to see someone can get frustrated. After all, it’s not great to show up to an appointment ..


He Drove Through What Looked Like Hell And Made A Gut-Wrenching Discovery


With so much devastation going on around us thanks to major hurricanes, you may not have heard much about the wildfires currently devastating California. Hundreds of homes have been destroyed and people have died in the flames. As Larry Broderick learned when he recently drove through his neighborhood, ..


This Little Boy In Maine Is Sad About Missing His Favorite Holiday, But You Can Help!


Most kids love the excitement of Halloween. What’s not to love? Between the costumes, the decorations, and the candy, it’s basically like Christmas in October. For kids who are too ill to participate, however, it can be bittersweet when this time of year rolls around. One little boy was so upset ..


These Veterans Are Here To Tell You What’s Really Happening In Puerto Rico Right Now


If you’re just listening to what the federal government is saying, you might be under the impression that relief in Puerto Rico is going well. Puerto Rico recently experienced complete devastation at the hands of Hurricane Maria. Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States, and the people who live ..


Here’s The Gross Thing Every Parent Needs To Watch Out For This Halloween


Halloween is a scary time of year. Everyone’s decorating with spooky decorations and getting ready to scare their neighbors with their costumes. It’s super exciting for children who get to dress up and have some of that sweet Halloween candy. While most parents are concerned about checking ..


Most Burglars Want To Get In And Out Fast. This Guy Took His Time (And Made Dinner)


If I know one thing about thieves, it’s that they’re trying to get something and get out before they get caught. Waiting around while robbing someone is just asking to be caught. If someone hears or becomes suspicious, the police are just a phone call away. When Nelly’s Taqueria in New York ..


12 Hysterical Videos That Prove Twins Share The Strongest (And Strangest) Bonds


It’s often said that the bond between pairs of twins is unlike any other. Being born a twin is like gaining exclusive access to a members-only club. Just over three percent of births result in twins according to the Centers for Disease Control. So no matter fraternal or identical, if you’ve ..


She Had No Idea Why She Was Pulled Over For A DUI. Then Her Boyfriend Walked Over


Getting pulled over is never fun. It’s especially awful if you know you haven’t done anything wrong. When one woman was pulled over under suspicion of DUI, she had absolutely no idea why. It was the middle of the day and she was completely sober. Still, she followed the Palmdale Sheriff’s ..

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