In A Massive Victory For Animal Activists, China Reportedly Bans Dog Meat At Yulin


If you’ve been paying attention to animal activism in the past few years, you’ve probably heard about the Yulin Dog Meat Festival. While people in eastern Asia have eaten dog meat for a long time, the festival was only started in 2010. It pretty much immediately came under fire from animal ..


They Were Trying To Take A Nice Photo. Then A Sea Lion Did Something So Scary.


This freaky story about a wildlife encounter gone wrong further proves why we need to be careful posing for Instagram photos when animals are involved. While sitting on the dock of the Steveston Fisherman’s Wharf in British Columbia, tourist Michael Fujiwara noticed a seemingly friendly sea lion ..


You’ll Totally Identify With This Dachshund’s Craftiness If You Have Siblings


If you have siblings, you’ve been here before. Your brother or sister has a hold of a toy that you really, really want, and they won’t give it up. What is there to do? You could wait your turn, but you want it right now. So instead, you wrestle for it! Far from just a […]


Rescue Volunteers Pen Hilariously Honest Adoption Memo For Feisty Cat


Workers in animal shelters get to know the animals there pretty well, especially when they’re around for a while. Each dog and cat has its own distinct personality, and it can be hard to see these perfectly awesome pets not find homes. In Melbourne, Australia, the workers took a particular interest ..


These Pups And Their Kid Siblings Love Each Other Despite A Huge Size Difference


To some, big dogs and small children don’t seem like a good mix, but to this family, they’re a perfect match. Joshua Fisher initially had his heart set on getting a horse, but he and his wife Bee found two adorably huge alternatives to add to their family, which already included three young ..


What They Found This Guy Carrying On Mother’s Day Will Make Your Blood Run Cold


On Mother’s Day Sunday, 36-year-old Joshua Lee Webb walked into a rural grocery store while covered in blood and began stabbing the checkout clerk, 66-year-old Michael Wagner. What he had done before the attack, however, was even more horrifying. “It was traumatic, but it happened so fast ..


She’s Just A Toddler, But Thanks To A Babysitter, She’s Fighting For Her Life Again


Jessica Lamar already knew what it felt like to be afraid of losing her daughter, Gia, when she was born 10 weeks premature at UC Davis Medical Center in California. Though her little girl pulled through and grew to be an adorable toddler, she’s now in the same medical center again and fighting ..


Heartbroken Parents Speak Out After Fraternity Brothers Treat Son Like ‘Road Kill’


A little more than three months ago, Jim and Evelyn Piazza were devastated to learn that they’d have to say goodbye to their son, Timothy, when doctors told them nothing could be done to save his life. Timothy was pronounced dead in the early hours of February 4 at just 19 years old. His future ..


Mom Beats Young Son For Making His Grandma A Mother’s Day Card And Not Her


Mother’s Day is all about celebrating the moms in your life, whether they’re expecting a baby, already have kids, or have grandchildren. One little boy in Spartanburg, South Carolina, wanted to make sure his grandma felt loved on that special day this year, so he made her a Mother’s ..


We Need To Get Serious About Bullying So What This Poor Child Did Never Happens Again


With so much joy in their hearts and full lives ahead of them, it’s almost impossible to think of small children having suicidal thoughts. But it should come as no surprise that severe depression and bullying can take their toll at any age. Nearly one in four children experiences bullying, and as communication ..

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